Monday, December 20, 2010

Featured artist: Michalis Zissiou


this morning I will start a new category: "Featured artists".
With this category I will frequently introduce artists, who use 3D Coat for their creative work.

The first artist today came from greece, his name is Michalis Zissiou. Michalis is working with different tools to launch his ideas. He is a master of combining different applications and doesn't focus on one main program. The museums of Athens gives him a lot of creative material for his sculpting training. One of his newest creations you see following, called "Venus without a faun".

Michalis created the most parts of this sculpture in 3D Coat. He likes to work in 3D Coat, as long as his workstation limits let him do. As soon as he reaches the memory limits inside 3D Coat (voxel sculpting is insatiable...), normally he finish the rest in zBrush.

The base mesh for this artwork was done in blender. The head, the fish and the base of the statue are completely created in 3D Coat. Some details were done additionaly in zBrush, the rendering also. Michalis used zBrush's "BPR" (BestPreviewRenderer) to render the final result you see here.

"Venus without a faun" by Michalis Zissiou
"Corinthian order"

To get more information about Michalis work, visit one of his his threads in the 3D Coat forums:
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