Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Andrew made "paint through object" possible!

Just now I read the message, that Andrew has made it possible to paint over the mesh borders, directly in the viewport! In his words: through the object.

Here are his infos about that:
"I made possibility to paint through object, start stroke besides object or end stroke besides object. Also stroke will never dive into object, it will be drawn over it's top, it gathers advantages from both - projection and direct painting."

You will find the new function in one of the next beta updates.

The current beta versions can be downloaded by all users. Registred users will get a free update and nonregistred users can use the free demo or, if the demo expired, the free version.

Did you know it?
3D Coat can be used always, even if your demo have expired. Then you have some limitations, but can test 3D Coat nevertheless, as long as you like.

To the download page -> Wann have it...

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